Inform Others

  • Use Facebook or other social media to "Like" items on the web which promote religious freedom.
  • Use social media to share what religious freedom means to you and why it benefits society.

--Share articles or videos regarding religious freedom on Facebook or other social networking sites.

--"Like" an organization that furthers the cause of religious freedom such as the Becket Fund or the LDS Church's "Support Religious Freedom" Facebook page.

--"Like" news stories addressing religious freedom.

--"Like" proposed legislation which you feel is beneficial to society.

--Create a blog or Facebook page that explains concepts of religious freedom or demonstrates why religious freedom is important to you.

--Post a comment on social media about how religion has made you a better person.

--Create or join a religious freedom group on Facebook.

-Create a YouTube video on religious freedom.

  • Comment on blog and news stories regarding religious freedom.
  • Write blog posts, op-eds, articles, or books regarding religious freedom issues.
  • Contribute to the J. Reuben Clark Law Society's Religious Freedom webpage.
  • Talk to friends and family about the importance of religious liberty and the increasing threats to it.
  • Speak out whenever the opportunity arises.here.